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  Armour Stone  

2-wide (flatbed load width); irregular shape
Typical size: ~500 kg or 1100lbs and larger
For: large walls, embankment loading, shoreline/ watercourse protection
Face Thickness
Scale Code
14" 350mm   Q ARM14
16" 400mm   Q ARM16

  Premium Cubical
Cubical shape; natural broken face.
Various thicknesses, 3-wide (flat bed load) width.
Typical size: ~200 to ~2000 kg (~440 to ~4400lbs)
For: all armour stone applications.
Face Thickness
Scale Code
12" 300mm   Q ARM12C
14" 350mm   Q ARM14C
16" 400mm   Q ARM16C
18" 450mm   Q ARM18C
20" 500mm   Q ARM20C
22" 550mm   Q ARM22C
24" 600mm   Q ARM24C

  Premium Fingers/Curb
Various thicknesses (350mm to 450mm or 14" to 18").
Typical size: ~ 450-600mm depth x 900mm to 1500 mm length or 1.5' to 2' in depth x 3' to 5' in length
For: residential and commercial applications requiring narrow width stone such as curbing or entrances.

Scale Code: Q ARMF

  Premium "Sugar" Cubes
Various thicknesses (350mm to 550mm or 14" to 22")
Typical size: ~ 600-900mm x ~ 600-900mm or ~2' to 3' x 2' to 3'
For: residential and commercial applications (i.e. decorative garden stone, random size applications and with larger Premium Cubical as a filler for ends, small openings and pattern/random visual appearance.

Scale Code: Q ARMC

  Premium "Sugar" Cubes Palletized
Approx. 8-10" cubes on hardwood pallets
Typical size: ~350mm to ~600mm or ~14" to ~24" thickness x ~ 600-900mm x ~ 600-900mm or ~2' to 3' x 2' to 3' depth
Easy stacking and porting to multiple jobs/locations.
For: multi-purpose garden use.

Scale Code: Q ARMSC

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